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Independent business transfer valuations

If you’re transferring ownership of your business, we can provide unbiased stock valuation on transfer day.

At Carr Stockholders, our senior staff members have been working within the industry since 1986. With such extensive experience, you can be sure that all our stock valuations are completely correct and 100% accurate.

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Professional stocktaking for business transfers and valuations

Business transfer valuations require specialist knowledge to ensure an accurate valuation and protect against financial loss. All our business transfer valuations will be attended by at least one senior stocktaker to give you an accurate stock value on the day of transfer.

Our senior stocktaker will issue a stock certificate of the net cost value taking into account the age and condition of all stock. We will provide an accurate stock value and issue a certificate to all parties involved in the transfer on the day of transfer.

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Why will Carr Stocktakers be your best choice for your business valuations and transfers

When you are purchasing or selling a new company or business, knowing what exactly you are buying or selling could make the difference between a good signed deal or a long complicated process that seems to go on forever.

If you are selling your company, at some point your buyer will request you to carry out a due diligence report, to make sure they are buying what you have promised.  Carr Stocktakers have years of experience and know this area well.  We can make the whole process organized.  The process of this is a physical inspection of all your assets ie. Equipment, Premises, stock inventory, etc. Along with this will also be all paperwork such as financial accounts, tax records, etc.  We at Carr Stocktakers can undertake this physical inventory with our barcode scanning technology.

If you are a buyer, Carr Stocktakers is an independent and non-biased company that will make sure everything is accurate and correct for your business transfer or valuation.  When our services are used for these kinds of services, we always deliver top service to all our customers.

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Why Choose Us?

Specialists in Retail Stocktaking

Professional, efficient, and accurate stocktaking for retail businesses. Accurate auditing and profit margin calculations for retail operations from small independent traders to large multi-nationals.

Swift Process with EPOS Scanning Technology

Using the latest EPOS barcode scanners, we can provide a time efficient and accurate stocktaking service. Our industry leading data capture technology helps us to maximise efficiency and reduce cost.

Easy-to-understand Reporting

We offer our customers a comprehensive business reporting service. We compile clear and concise business stock and valuation reports which enable you to fully understand your business performance.

Specialist Insight into Product Performance

Over 30 years combined experience enable us to provide expert analyses of your product performance. We can give you an accurate view of your stockholding to improve profitability.

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We’ve used Carr Stocktakers numerous times now at the Milestone for our annual stock take. They are very professional, well organized team and have always delivered. We would highly recommend them.

Noel Hadden

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We are delighted to use Carr Stocktakers for our stock count. It is completed quickly and efficiently and all figures supplied within the specified period

Warren Ingham-Barrow

Clifton College

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£30million of stock value counted within the specified time period and within our allocated budget. Well done!

K. Proctor

Berry Bros & Rudd

Berry Bros & Rudd

Incredible attention to detail when producing our onsite stocktaking result.

Adrian Brixey

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We have the relevant experience to do the job.

Stocktaking has changed immensely over the past 10 years with the inception of EPOS in most stores. Carr Stocktakers have embraced this new technology keeping up to date with developments. We offer a bespoke scanning service and we have been working closely with our IT partners Grey Eye Technology to utilise the latest in data capture technology.