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Efficient stocktaking service for licensed traders

We provide stocktakes for all licensed traders, from pubs and restaurants to nightclubs, bars, and social clubs.

Regular stocktaking is essential in the licensed trading industry. Regular stock checks will highlight stock loss or over stocking and help you to efficiently manage your inventory and maximise your business operation.

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UK pubs stocktaking service

At Carr Stocktakers, we treat every business as if it were our own and offer each customer a non-biased service.  We will bring our own stocktaking software to your business location to complete a thorough and accurate stock count. We can process all stock counts, deliveries, and takings data to give you an accurate understanding of your stock levels, profit margins and order requirements.

Overpouring, undercharging and spillages by staff are hard to control and can help managers run a tighter, more efficient bar.   We are an independent and professional stocktaking service can help you to evaluate your profits and losses and highlight where you could save money. We provide annual stocktakes for licensed trade and also offer regular stocktakes for businesses with a high staff turnover to safeguard against petty theft or ‘grazing’.

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Stocktaking Services for UK Restaurants

Stocktaking is an important part of running a restaurant, it allows you to regularly monitor and increase gross profit, reduce loss, improve control of allowances and reduce waste.

In the times we are living today, with all the supply costs constantly rising, even small restaurants will benefit from regular and accurate stocktaking.  For a larger restaurant, it is a must, as this will be the difference between your restaurant being in profit or loss.  It is important to always keep your gross profit margins under control, if you don’t do this, your net profits will also suffer.  professional stocktaking is the key to success especially with longer opening times and staff shortages; contact us for a no-obligation quotation to see where we can assist you in your business efficiency.

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UK Hotels and hospitality industry

At Carr Stocktakers, we bring our years of impartial expertise in stocktaking software to your premises. We can reckon all of your stock supplies, deliveries, and process this along with your takings data to give you an accurate understanding so that you can raise profit margins and correct your ordering for further profitability.

We are an autonomous and professional non-biased stocktaking service, who can help you to evaluate your profits and losses and highlight where you could save money. We can also help prevent business theft and fraud by making sure there is less opportunity and to act as a dettent.  We provide annual stocktakes for the hospitality trade with our independent, 3rd party service.

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Why Choose Us?

Specialists in Retail Stocktaking

Professional, efficient, and accurate stocktaking for retail businesses. Accurate auditing and profit margin calculations for retail operations from small independent traders to large multi-nationals.

Swift Process with EPOS Scanning Technology

Using the latest EPOS barcode scanners, we can provide a time efficient and accurate stocktaking service. Our industry leading data capture technology helps us to maximise efficiency and reduce cost.

Easy-to-understand Reporting

We offer our customers a comprehensive business reporting service. We compile clear and concise business stock and valuation reports which enable you to fully understand your business performance.

Specialist Insight into Product Performance

Over 30 years combined experience enable us to provide expert analyses of your product performance. We can give you an accurate view of your stockholding to improve profitability.

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We’ve used Carr Stocktakers numerous times now at the Milestone for our annual stock take. They are very professional, well organized team and have always delivered. We would highly recommend them.

Noel Hadden

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We are delighted to use Carr Stocktakers for our stock count. It is completed quickly and efficiently and all figures supplied within the specified period

Warren Ingham-Barrow

Clifton College

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£30million of stock value counted within the specified time period and within our allocated budget. Well done!

K. Proctor

Berry Bros & Rudd

Berry Bros & Rudd

Incredible attention to detail when producing our onsite stocktaking result.

Adrian Brixey

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The Natterjack Inn in Evercreech

We have the relevant experience to do the job.

Stocktaking has changed immensely over the past 10 years with the inception of EPOS in most stores. Carr Stocktakers have embraced this new technology keeping up to date with developments. We offer a bespoke scanning service and we have been working closely with our IT partners Grey Eye Technology to utilise the latest in data capture technology.